Strengthening the Canadian-ASEAN Connection

Project Title: Strengthening the Canadian-ASEAN Connection: Business Mobility
Client: Canada-ASEAN Business Council (CABC)
Students: Hadir Ali, Somi Ajagu-Amamgbo, Zeynya Alemayehu, Anam Imtiaz Elahi, Alessia Rodríguez Di Eugenio
Faculty Lead: Kai Ostwald
Fieldwork Location: Jakarta, Indonesia; Singapore; Ho Chi Min, Vietnam
Year: 2019-20

About the Project: Identifying key barriers to business mobility and provide policy recommendations to increase connectivity and facilitate business activities between Canada and ASEAN. The output of this project was a policy report, which was published by the CABC articulating a concern the organization has with current policies and connecting it with the opinions of the CABC’s members.

Key Words: Migration, Economic Development, Governance