Adi Burton

Adi Burton is a Liu Scholar and doctoral student in the Interdisciplinary Studies Graduate Program at UBC. Specifically responding to the crisis of genocide, Adi’s research asks how political activists can reconcile their ethical responsibilities with the complex political realities of their activism. Looking to the phenomenological links in the works of Emmanuel Levinas and Hannah Arendt and the tension between ethics and politics in their writing, Adi’s research imagines the ways in which political communities are able to engage in practices that aim to transform activism into meaningful, responsible action. Adi’s doctoral studies are supervised by Dr. Barbara Weber and Dr. Erin Baines.

Adi is the 2018 student chair of the annual Interdisciplinary Studies Graduate Student Research Conference. The theme this year is responsibility. In 2017, she was co-chair of the conference, which focused on resilience. She is an organizing member of the Memory, Resistance, and Social Repair Working Group at the Liu Institute and a member of the Philosophy of Education Society (PES) and the Engaged Philosophical Inquiry Consortium (EPIC). Approaching the subject from a Jewish perspective, she is engaged in ongoing philosophical research with Dr. Sam Rocha on eros and education that resulted in two publications in 2017.

In addition to her doctoral studies, Adi is the Chapters & Engagement Director at STAND Canada, a national, youth-led advocacy organization working to make ending and preventing genocide a cornerstone of Canadian foreign and domestic policy. With STAND, Adi has worked on campaigns ranging from raising awareness for the genocide in Darfur to corporate responsibility for conflict minerals to abolishing Canada’s outdated and unjust transportation loan program for refugees settling in Canada.