Devra Waldman

Devra Waldman is a Liu Scholar and PhD student in the School of Kinesiology at UBC. Her research interests sit at the intersections of sport/leisure, politics of space, urban (re)development, and (post)colonialism. Devra’s dissertation focuses on the emergence, impacts and implications of gated, sport-focused, residential developments being built around Delhi, India. Particularly, her study is centred around questions regarding how space and is produced — and contested– by public and private actors, how the communities are experienced by those living/working around the boundaries, how the politics of exclusion/inclusion relate to shifting relationships between citizens and the state, and how the development of space is connected to broader financial capital and legacies of colonialism.

Prior to starting her PhD, Devra completed her MA in the School of Kinesiology at UBC. Her MA focused around issues of utilizing sport as a tool for international development. She also holds a B.P.H.E and B.Ed from the University of Toronto.