Tebogo T. Leepile

Tebogo T. Leepile’s PhD research seeks to assess the association between household food security and nutrition outcomes among women of reproductive age and young children in rural Botswana. She is particularly interested in the indigenous communities, the San, also known as the Basarwa in the Ghanzi district. Furthermore, she hopes to highlight and evaluate the existing government and non-governmental initiatives for combating maternal and child malnutrition (including micronutrient deficiencies especially anemia).

Ms Leepile is a doctoral student in an interdisciplinary program, Integrated Studies in Land and Food Systems (ISLFS) at the University of British Columbia. This program has broadened her scope beyond human nutrition allowing her to explore avenues for potential overlaps from other disciplines.

She is a Liu Scholar under the supervision of an interdisciplinary team: Dr Eduardo Jovel (supervisor UBC), Dr Crystal Karakochuk (co-supervisor UBC)

Committee members: Dr Jennifer Black  (UBC), Dr Akira Takada (Kyoto University), Dr Andrew Jones (University of Michigan).

Tebby holds an MSc in Environment and Life Sciences (Nutrition) from Ochanomizu University. She is a Public Initiative Scholar and the recipient of the International Tuition and Graduate Support Initiative awards.

Outside academics she is a co-founder of a non-governmental organisation Mmalotshabisa Development Organisation that seeks to empower and improve the lives of the youth and unemployed in remote areas. In Vancouver, she is also an active volunteer with the Binner’s project in downtown eastside and homeless feeding initiatives with the Westside church. Tebby is committed to making a difference to marginalised populations in resource-limited locations.

Email: tebogo.leepile@ubc.ca