News Compilation: January 2023

SPPGA in the news: Peru’s violent unrest, Elections in the digital age, Nuclear disarmament and more

January 4, 2023
The Decline and Fall of Nuclear Disarmament in 2022
Prof. M.V. Ramana discusses the challenges of nuclear disarmament. In Depth News

January 5, 2023
Can Elections Survive the Digital Age?
MPPGA Student Panthea Pourmalek, SPPGA Profs. Heidi Tworek and Yves Tiberghien examine how social media impacted past elections in the Philippines, Kenya, South Korea, and Brazil. Centre for International Governance Innovation

January 11, 2023 
How Can Machine Learning Help in Understanding the Impact of Climate Change on Crop Yields?
SPPGA Profs. Navin Ramankutty and Milind Kandlikar

January 11, 2023
Canada birthed a mining industry in Chinese-occupied Tibet
SPPGA Prof. Tsering Shakya

January 12, 2023
Shouldn’t a new and experimental reactor deserve a federal impact assessment? (Paywall)
MPPGA Director and SPPGA Prof. M.V. Ramana

January 12, 2023
Why Nuclear Industry’s Comeback Hopes Rest on Very Thin Ice
SPPGA Prof. M.V. Ramana quoted

January 15, 2023
Peru’s violent unrest shows no signs of stopping
SPPGA Prof. Max Cameron

January 16, 2023
Final countdown to site selection for Canada’s nuclear waste geologic repository
Canada stands on the brink of a momentous decision: selecting a final resting spot for its spent nuclear fuel waste. Article by SPPGA Postdoctoral Research Fellow Zoe Braden and SPPGA Director Allison Macfarlane. Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

January 18, 2023
Republicans, Democrats poised for battle as debt ceiling deadline looms Thursday
SPPGA Assoc. Prof. Kristen Hopewell

January 19, 2023
The U.S. has hit its debt ceiling. How could Canada be impacted if a deal isn’t reached?
SPPGA Prof. Kristen Hopewell comments

January 22, 2023
Is nuclear fusion a viable path to clean energy — or a speculative ‘distraction?’ Postmedia via Vancouver Sun, The Province
SPPGA Prof. M.V. Ramana

January 23, 2023
Evidence of spatial competition, over resource scarcity, as a primary driver of conflicts between small-scale and industrial fishers
Prof. Rashid Sumaila (SPPGA; UBC Oceans and Fisheries) co-authors article

January 24, 2023
Low-risk alcohol guidance sparks debate as drinkers start examining habits, evidence
SPPGA Assoc. Prof. Heidi Tworek (Director, Centre for the Study of Democratic Institutions)

January 25, 2023
Mongolian Government Under Pressure As Foreign Policy Options Squeezed By Russia’s Invasion Of Ukraine – Analysis
SPPGA Prof. Julian Dierkes (authors)

January 26, 2023
Why is Japan planning to flush Fukushima wastewater into the ocean? (paywall)
SPPGA Prof. M.V. Ramana comments

January 30, 2023
Peru’s precarious democracy is a cautionary tale of electoral denialism
Prof. Maxwell A. Cameron (SPPGA; UBC Political Science) via Globe and Mail