FCOR 503 Graduate Teaching Assistant for 2020W Term 2

Date of Posting: January 15, 2021
Period of Employment: Term 2 (February 23 – April 30, 2021)
Current Salary: Graduate Teaching Assistant I (Doctoral) or equivalent – $34.44/hour; Graduate Teaching Assistant II (Masters) or equivalent – $33.14/hour

FCOR 503 (1.5 credits) – Policy Analysis (Term 2, 1 position, 80 hours)

This course teaches the fundamentals of public participation and stakeholder engagement, with an emphasis on the practical decision making and behavioral considerations that underlie policy making, stakeholder engagement, and implementation processes. A variety of methods will be used, and real-world cases will be relied on to illustrate key points.

General Duties:
Attending lectures, holding office hours and meeting with students, keeping class records, creating and selecting class materials, presenting new material/lecturing, leading discussions and answering questions, conducting review sessions, designing and maintaining Canvas presence, designing small policy-oriented writing assignments, offering editing and writing support, preparing/collecting solutions to questions, grading and providing feedback on assignments and exams, and assigning course grades.

Please note that this TA position is not open to current MPPGA students.

Application Deadline – February 9, 2021
Late applications may be considered.

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