School of Public Policy and Global Affairs Practitioner Fellowship


SPPGA recognizes that in order to have a transformative impact on society, academic excellence and policy practice must be integrated throughout the School’s research, teaching and community engagement.

In the spirit of facilitating knowledge exchange, strengthening community ties, and building an ethos of practice into our professional graduate programs, the SPPGA offers a Practitioner Fellowship program, which will host 2-4 practitioners in residence per year for periods of 4 or 8 months with start dates in September and January. While at the School of Public Policy and Global Affairs at the University of British Columbia, Practitioner Fellows will be appointed as an Adjunct Professor.

SPPGA Practitioner fellows should be professionals with leadership experience in public policy, international development, global affairs and/or government, across a variety of issue areas and sectors.  Practitioner fellows typically work in civil society, various levels of government, think tanks etc. but should not be employed as an academic at another institution.


  • Open individuals with a minimum of 10 years of experience in a broad range of backgrounds, who have demonstrated experience with public policy and/or global affairs.
  • Preference will be given to mid-career professionals, however, senior career professionals are also welcome to apply.  All candidates are expected to articulate how this fellowship would inform current or planned work/research/priorities in the workplace or sector they are coming from.
  • Citizenship or visa requirements:. Open to applicants from any country but applicants must be able to obtain the appropriate Canadian visa.
  • Adherence with UBC COVID-19 and Province of British Columbia health orders.

Compensation & Benefits

Practitioner Fellows will be appointed as an Adjunct Professor.

Financial compensation package includes:

  • Up to $2.5k relocation allowance for out of province/country fellows
  • $12k per month + benefits
  • Assistance with housing: Vancouver is a city with low occupancy rates and high housing costs.  SPPGA will assist Practitioner Fellows by introducing housing options and search resources.

Shared office space in SPPGA buildings and access to UBC library system.


  • Fellows must reside full-time in Vancouver area for the duration of their fellowship.
  • Fellows who have full-time employment are expected to refrain from significant roles and employment responsibilities, unless granted permission from the SPPGA Director.
  • Fellows are expected to develop a new area of expertise for themselves and in doing so, perform research on a topic of interest related to their professional practice. Fellows will develop a work plan for the duration of the fellowship and meet monthly with the SPPGA Director or designate.  The outcome of their research will be a written product such as a peer-reviewed journal article, magazine article, opinion piece, or podcast on the topic of interest.

Program Activities

In addition to advancing an individual professional project, fellows can expect to undertake at least one activity from each of the following three categories per term:

1. Student and Community Engagement

  • Individually mentor 1-2 MPPGA students
  • Lead a student-oriented workshop on a career-related topic of your choice
  • Participate in workshops and/or community engagement events/lectures
  • Provide a public lecture on a topic of policy, practice and/or research

2. Research

  • Collaborate with SPPGA faculty or researchers on a topic of shared interest
  • Organize a workshop on the Fellow’s topic of interest

3. Teaching and Learning

  • Teach 1.5 – 3 credits graduate seminar related to area of expertise
  • Serve as a faculty project lead for a GP2 team
  • Deliver guest lectures/co-teach an existing PPGA course
  • Series of workshops on a topic related to PPGA

Commitment & Resources

Fellowships are considered to be a full-time commitment for the duration of the contract.  Hours on campus may vary per week, however, all fellows are expected to hold regular on-campus office hours. Fellows will be provided with a shared office space at SPPGA, and will have full access to UBC resources.

Application & Criteria

The program seeks distinguished practitioners with 10+ years of leadership experience in public policy, international development, global affairs and/or government, across a variety of issue areas and sectors.

  • Statement of Interest including a professional autobiography (500 words)
  • Research/professional project proposal (500 words)
  • CV
  • Contact information for 3 references

For inquiries, please contact SPPGA Director Allison Macfarlane at

Now accepting applications for fellowship positions beginning in January 2022.  Application materials should be submitted through the form linked below by November 14, 2021 at 11:59 PST.