Asia Now Forum: The Karakorum Conundrum

Monday February 11, 2019
01:00 PM - 02:30 PM
Room 120, C.K. Choi Building

Changing Economic and Security Dynamics in South Asia through Pakistan’s Perspective

Dr Mohammad Tariq (Consulate General of Pakistan in Vancouver)
Dr Haider Nizamani (Visiting Faculty Social Development and Policy, Habib University)

Pakistan’s new government led by the cricketer-turned politician, Imran Khan, promises to shake things up for the country. His political party came to power on the promise of initiating economic development, eliminating long-entrenched corruption, reforming public institutions, and tackling climate change.

On the foreign policy front Imran Khan has favored rapprochement with India and provided support to the US led peace process in Afghanistan; with the Afghan war winding to an end after almost 18 years and increasing Chinese influence through economic support under the BRI, Pakistan seems to be pulling away from the sphere of American influence. Our panel will discuss the implications of these developments on the Pakistani-India peace process, the potential costs of Pakistan’s economic dependence on China, and whether US remains an important player in the South Asian interstate relations. Pakistan continues to battle fundamentalism within its borders, challenged by terrorists in the regions bordering Afghanistan and Iran; our panel will discuss what the future of South Asia after an American withdrawal might look like from a Pakistani perspective.

This will be a School of Public Policy and Global Affairs (SPPGA) student-led panel discussion to dissect the challenges of the changing power dynamics of Pakistan. As one of the world’s nuclear powers, Pakistan faces huge economic challenges resulting from depleting foreign reserves. The panel will discuss how the country plans to change its course towards democratic stability, peace and economic prosperity (with or without a potential IMF bailout). How Pakistan would address its many policy challenges – from relations with United States, Afghanistan and India, to extremism within – challenges which have jeopardized the progress of the country since its foundation.

Lunch will be provided at the venue.