The world is in flux, demanding that solutions to the urgent policy challenges we face are both innovative and supported by evidence-driven public policy research.

The School of Public Policy and Global Affairs (SPPGA) acts as an interdisciplinary, collaborative hub that contributes to developing policies and solutions to complex global and local issues. Our public policy research and creative activity informs our teaching and focuses on discovery and innovation.

From the start, we have aspired to enhance UBC’s role in pursuing excellence in research, learning, and engagement to foster global citizenship and advance a sustainable and just society across British Columbia, Canada and the world.

SPPGA faculty and staff seek to make our research more relevant and accessible to those beyond the university’s traditional borders. We do this by applying our research in interdisciplinary projects both locally and globally, by publishing public resources, such as policy case studies, and by facilitating opportunities on campus and in the community for knowledge exchange, forging stronger links between research, development and innovation.