Danielle Gendron

Danielle Gendron is a doctoral student in the department of Anthropology. Her research explores: the embeddedness of history in place, multi-sensory/imaginative ethnographic methods, oral histories, Indigenous-settler relationships, and human-water relationships. Situating her research along/within the 386 km route of the Trent-Severn Waterway, a National Historic Site of Canada, she explores the palimpsest of narratives that articulate conceptualizations of the history and meanings of ‘Canada’. More broadly, her work aims to interrogate how human relationships with place play into the state of Indigenous-settler relationships in Canada.

Danielle’s PhD work builds off of her MA thesis wherein she investigated the emplacement of cultural knowledge within the land-based food system of Gitxaała Nation. Through an extension of her work, she is examining her own processes of research and idea generation through a collection of blog postings, which can be found here.

She completed a B.Kin and B.A. at McMaster University, and an MA at UBC. Her PhD supervisor is Dr. Leslie Robertson from the Department of Anthropology. Dr. Candis Callison from the Department of Journalism, and Dr. Shannon Walsh from the Department of Theatre and film sit on her committee.

Email: danielle.gendron@alumni.ubc.ca