Reflections from Hazel Hollingdale, UBC-Yale Fox International Fellow

Hazel Hollingdale Yale Fox Fellow

Caption: Hazel Hollingdale on a hike with other Yale Fox Fellows

The Liu Institute for Global Issues at the UBC School of Public Policy and Global Affairs is host to the UBC-Yale Fox International Fellowship Program. The program is designed to enhance mutual understanding between the peoples of the United States and other countries by promoting international scholarly exchanges and collaborations among the next generation of leaders.

To accomplish this goal, the Fox International Fellowship Program seeks to identify and nurture those students who are interested in harnessing scholarly knowledge to respond to the world’s most pressing challenges. For these reasons, the program especially welcomes students enrolled in the social sciences and kindred disciplines in the humanities and professional schools.

In 2018-19, Hazel Hollingdale was selected as a Fox Fellow. She has now recently graduated with her doctorate from the UBC Department of Sociology. Her reflections are below:

“My time at Yale as a Fox Fellow was the best and most productive year of my graduate degree, and I think one of the best opportunities that UBC graduate students have access to. From the camaraderie to the extensive resources, there are just so many incredible opportunities when you become a Fox International Fellow.

From the first meeting of the other Fox Fellows, I felt a strong connection with the other students in the program. The program is designed to ensure that students quickly feel embedded and comfortable with each other and at the University. The program houses all of the fellows in communal houses in East Rock, a 10-minute walk to campus. Social events over the course of the year included a weekend at a Yale forestry camp, a Thanksgiving dinner with the wonderful Fox family, a trip to the UN in New York, and many dinners out with the Fox family and team. There are 17 fellows each year; everyone is picked for their academic achievements and their commitment to social issues. The rich conversations and knowledge exchange that this provides is a unique once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The training provided during the fellowship included an in-depth policy development program, with the aim that fellows use their empirical findings to inform real-world issues, with the opportunity to publish a policy brief with the Scholars Strategy Network. We even received communication training and coaching with a linguistic coach.

As a Fox Fellow, you are enrolled as a non-degree student, which gives you access to all of the resources that Yale has to offer. This includes access to extensive library amenities, free bi-weekly writing retreats (where you are fed breakfast, lunch and dinner!); professional development and career services; alumni networks; recruitment events; office space; and even gallery, museum, and gym access.

My time as a Fox fellow was incredibly fulfilling, both academically and personally, and continues to be an incredible resource as I move forward in my career.”

Hazel Hollingdale Yale 3MT

Caption: During the year, Hazel Hollingdale had the opportunity to participate as a finalist at the Yale Three-Minute Thesis (3MT) Competition


Thanksgiving Walk

Caption: Hazel Hollingdale on a Thanksgiving hike at the Fox family’s property in Norfolk, CT with the Fox family and Fellows