MPPGA Alumni Spotlight on Luthfi Dhofier

Enjoy this spotlight on Luthfi Dhofier, MPPGA Alumnus and a Local Government Consultant with Urban Systems Ltd.

Luthfi Dhofier

After graduating from UBC’s MPPGA program with a specialization in resources, energy, and sustainability in the Spring of 2019, Luthfi joined Urban Systems Ltd. as a Local Government Consultant.

Urban Systems is an interdisciplinary consulting firm providing strategic planning, engineering, environmental science, and urban design services to public and private organizations and First Nation communities throughout Canada.

As a Local Government Consultant, Luthfi’s practice areas include, but not limited to asset management, service delivery, municipal finance, climate adaptation, urban water management, and First Nations capacity building.

Luthfi strongly believes that his current success in delivering complex projects to his clients is due to his public policy training at UBC’s MPPGA program. As a graduate student in public policy, Luthfi had the opportunity to develop himself as a problem solver with strong qualitative and quantitative skills. Additionally, the environmental-focused courses that he took in his second year have provided him with the technical expertise that enables him to successfully work alongside engineers, environmental scientists, and technologists in his current work.

As he mentioned, “the MPPGA program has helped me to grow as a strategic thinker who understands the complexity of human interaction with the natural world they live in, which is integral to creating a sustainable and just future for our kids and grandkids.”

Visit Luthfi’s LinkedIn profile here.