MPPGA Student Association Announces New Executive and 2020-2021 Strategic Vision

UBC Master of Public Policy and Global Affairs students recently elected their 2020-2021 Student Association executive members, a diverse group of nine students who are taking on various leadership roles on behalf of the MPPGA student body. The Student Association also set forth their strategic vision for the 2020-2021 academic year:

“The Student Association has a unique opportunity to innovate. COVID-19 has forced us to shift to virtual learning and, by extension, virtual student governance. The challenges are significant but the Student Association is determined to embrace the challenges and create innovative strategies for student leadership. The Student Association is committed to advocating for and supporting student mental health and wellbeing. The Association is also committed to fostering a fair, inclusive, and equitable environment within the MPPGA program.

On the events side, the Student Association is planning engaging events, including a Zoom U video series and career events that target the three MPPGA program streams. These events will promote community and network building and facilitate connections between the first and second year MPPGA cohorts. We are determined to make these events accessible to all MPPGA students, regardless of geographic location and time zone.

The Student Association will also publish articles, podcasts, and other media created by MPPGA students on The Pub.”

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