News Compilation: The Tradeoffs of Nuclear Reactors

With climate concerns on the rise, U.S. and Canadian governments have escalated interest in adopting nuclear energy sources. But with an array of concerns still present, research is needed to assess the feasibility of such implementation.

SPPGA Prof. M.V. Ramana and Allison MacFarlane critically examine considerations for widespread nuclear reactor adoption in their recent research, providing commentary on environmental, social, and economic tradeoffs.

February 1, 2023
Canadian Parliament, Standing Committee on Science and Research: Small Modular Nuclear Reactors: Report of the Standing Committee on Science and Research, 44th Parliament

February 19, 2023
Billings Gazette: Feds betting billions on “new” nuclear technologies

February 20, 2023
Montana Standard: Will new reactors ease America’s nuclear waste problem or make it worse?