Financial Inclusion in India’s Digital Age

Project Title: Financial Inclusion in India’s Digital Age
Client: Sub-K IMPACT Solutions Ltd, Akhuwat Islamic Mircofinance Institute
Students: Talia Ahmad, Corrin Bulmer, Zameena Dadani, Chad Rickaby, Fernando Rodriguez
Faculty Leads: Shashi Enarth, Milind Kandlikar
Fieldwork Location: India (Hyderabad, New Delhi, Raipur); Lahore, Pakistan
Year: 2016-17

About the Project: Develop a comprehensive understanding of the financial inclusion policies environment that influences the financial services available for those Indians living at or below the poverty line and to evaluate the current Sub-K service delivery model within that policy setting. The output from this project was a policy report that outlines areas for improvement in a number of BASIX’s policies in India and Pakistan.

Key Words: Equity, Service Delivery, Community Engagement