Professional Development

Further evolve your skills through our professional development opportunities, including professional skills workshops and various professional growth opportunities.

Professional Skills Workshops

As an MPPGA student, you will enjoy exclusive access to a series of professional skills workshops organized by students and faculty.

Designed to develop skills and improve employment readiness, these learning events will cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • Intercultural Fluency
  • Finance and budgets
  • Technical media skills

  • Public speaking
  • Curriculum vitae (C.V.) writing
  • Conflict resolution

Students are encouraged to attend as many workshops as possible before graduation. Program staff listen carefully to feedback and adjust the workshop planning schedule according to your needs and interests.

The program has offered the following workshops:

  • The Persuasive Presenter – Objectives and Outcomes
  • Collaboration Skills
  • Strategic Design
  • Social Media Strategy

  • Documentary Filmmaking Workshop
  • Intercultural Fluency Workshop
  • Annual Co-op Conference
  • Job Search Skills for the Policy Professions

Professional Growth Opportunities

The MPPGA program seeks to cultivate policy skills, knowledge, and networks that will support you as you work towards your professional goals.