KPP Plays Key Role in Launch of Korea Study Group in Federal Parliament

The Knowledge Partnership Program (KPP) played a pivotal role in the launch of the Korea study group in the Canadian Parliament. In 2022, the KPP took a new initiative on parliamentary diplomacy and organized two KPP-Parliamentarian Delegation Visits to South Korea (in April and September), led by SPPGA Professor Kyung-Ae Park. Following the visits, the “All Party Parliamentary Group on Peace and Security in the Korean Peninsula” was launched in the Parliament.

Officially listed on the Parliament of Canada website as one of the “Interparliamentary Friendship Groups,” the group consists of parliamentarians interested in inter-Korean affairs and Canada’s role in promoting peace and security on the Korean Peninsula. The group is a focal point within the Canadian Parliament for dialogue on Korean issues, including formal and informal exchanges with other legislators, scholars, officials, and civil society. The launch is a concrete step forward following the successful visits.


Pictured above: The KPP-Parliamentarian Delegation meeting with the Ambassadors of the Five Eyes (Canada, US, UK, Australia, and New Zealand) in Seoul