MPPGA Students Engaging in Global Policy Project Fieldwork

Mongolia team

MPPGA students Claire Casher, Samantha Coronel, Rasmus Dilling-Hansen, and Cassandra Jeffery along with SPPGA Professor Julian Dierkes met with the Youth Committee of the Confederation of Mongolian Trade Unions in Mongolia.

The 2019-2020 Global Policy Projects are underway, with UBC Master of Public Policy and Global Affairs (MPPGA) student teams conducting fieldwork with clients on seven different projects in ten countries throughout December 2019 and in Vancouver throughout the early part of 2020.

The fieldwork component is a defining component UBC’s professional MPPGA curriculum. Led by MPPGA Graduate Director Shashi Enarth, the Global Policy Project (GPP 590) is a 6-credit course that provides the opportunity for MPPGA students to engage with policy makers and civil society organizations on a real-world policy challenge, both in Canada and around the world.

The themes of the current projects range from trade to sustainability to international development. Click on any of the following titles to read the team’s project summary:

The project clients for 2019-2020 include different levels of government as well as non-profit and community-based organizations, all of which presented a specific policy problem facing their organization to students, providing context to help students define and address it. With the support of a SPPGA faculty member, students work in a team and apply their creative thinking and analytical skills to their policy challenge.

Students will complete their Global Policy Project (GP2) with the delivery of a report and a policy brief to their client, as well a presentation of their findings and policy recommendations in a symposium held at UBC in early April, 2020.

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Learn more about the GP2 on our Experiential Learning page.

Peru GP2 team - Eliza Bethune, Emily Enright, Guilherme Rosales, Heather Park

MPPGA students Emily Enright, Eliza Bethune, Heather Park, and Guilherme Rosales are meeting with the National Water Authority/Autoridad Nacional del Agua (ANA) in Lima, Peru for their Global Policy Project.


New York UN General Assembly

MPPGA students Ravina Anand, Eseohe Ojo, Israa Noureddine, Solomon Atta, and Dinoba Kirupa visited the UN General Assembly in New York on a break between interviews.