News Compilation: May 2024



May 30, 2024
How India’s 1974 ‘peaceful’ nuclear test in Pokhran changed the atomic energy debate
SPPGA Prof. M. V. Ramana discusses how India’s historical tests using nuclear energy demonstrate its hazards, including the potential increase of nuclear weapon production. Via Frontline Magazine

May 29, 2024
Canadian expertise could help secure Vietnam’s threatened Mekong River Delta
Recent MPPGA alumni Amanda Doyle, Charlotte Bull, Nasim Victory, Ashley Brownlie & Quinn Goranson explain how our nation’s Indo-Pacific strategy can support Vietnam’s Mekong River Delta, which suffers from resource insecurity & climate impacts. Via Policy Options

May 26, 2024
Experts seeing ‘more and more’ hate content created by artificial intelligence
CSDI Assist. Director, Chris Tenove warns about the ability of rising AI-generated hate content to spread false and harmful narratives online, especially within political contexts. Via The Globe and Mail

May 24, 2024
Shaping a new generation of climate leaders
Prof. Milind Kandlikar (SPPGA, IRES) introduces the CARE program, emphasizing the power of global collaboration among students to solve climate issues. Via Canada’s National Observer

May 20, 2024
The Global Economy Is More Vulnerable Than It Seems
SPPGA Faculty Assoc. Yves Tiberghien relays the dangers of global fragmentation, including reduced efficiency gains, capital flows to the Global South, and provision of global public goods. Via Project Syndicate

May 17, 2024
Carbon Pricing Works, Meta-Review Finds
SPPGA Assist. Prof. Tarun Khanna‘s research suggests the efficiency of carbon pricing systems, reducing global emission rates between 5-21%. These findings can shift existing climate policy discussions. Via Technology Networks

May 16, 2024
Tech firms claim nuclear will solve AI’s power needs – they’re wrong
SPPGA Dir. Allison Macfarlane responds to AI firms that endorse nuclear power, evaluating its unsustainable outputs and high costs compared to renewable methods. Via The Scientist

May 13, 2024
Ontario’s nuclear option is the wrong path to meet green energy targets
MPPGA alumni Quinn Goranson evaluates Ontario’s inadequate efforts to reduce emissions, including the persistent burning of natural gas and generation of nuclear power. She endorses green energy to achieve the province’s goals instead. Via Policy Options

May 12, 2024
Historic Haida Nation agreement shows the world how to uphold Indigenous rights
Prof. Sheryl Lightfoot (SPPGA, FNIS, Political Science) details the Haida Nation’s breakthrough agreement with the B.C. government, which grants a long-awaited recognition of the Indigenous nation’s jurisdiction over traditional lands. Via The Conversation

May 12. 2024
RCMP commissioner expresses desire for new law to deal with threats against politicians
CSDI Assist. Director Chris Tenove addresses the increasing online slander and harassment toward politicians, advising the enforcement of social media safety guidelines and urging party leaders to speak out. Via The Globe and Mail 

May 7, 2024
UN expert attacks ‘exploitative’ world economy in fight to save planet
Prof. David Boyd (SPPGA, IRES) relays the importance of centering human rights when tackling our climate emergency, especially to combat the exploitative global economy. Via The Guardian 

May 3, 2024
Can floating nuclear power plants help solve Northern Canada’s energy woes?
A new nuclear power project looks to solve Northern Canada’s energy problems, however SPPGA Prof. M.V. Ramana explains how the cost of power from these small nuclear reactors could be up to 10 times higher than diesel. Via The Globe and Mail

May 2, 2024
Saskatchewan’s nuclear agreement with Alberta
SPPGA Prof. M. V. Ramana casts doubt on the theoretical prospect of building small modular reactors in Saskatchewan, likely in the distant future, as a feasible solution for climate change issues occurring today. Via ICI Saskatchewan