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Help educate the next generation of policy leaders

Today’s rapidly changing world needs a new generation of leaders who are driven to find innovative solutions to pressing issues such as climate change, societal inequalities, threats to democracy and more. The Master of Public Policy and Global Affairs (MPPGA) educates future policymakers through an integrated curriculum that combines experiential learning with professional skills training, mentorship, and classroom learning.

Students have the opportunity to engage in hands-on fieldwork and research through the Global Policy Project (GP²)—an intensive capstone course where student teams consult directly with a client organization on a real-world policy challenge. Through powerful and practical experiential learning, teams apply their creative thinking, research and analytical skills to offer new perspectives and policy recommendations—this year with ten different projects happening across eight countries.

“Being in the field and seeing everything unfolding before your own eyes—it has this added weight to what we're doing. We can talk about deforestation and climate change all we want but being here and seeing those patches of barren land in the national forests...that prompts me to have a sense of urgency and a bit more responsibility on my end.”
MPPGA Student


Your tax-deductible donation will support hands-on fieldwork and research activities associated with GP², giving students a valuable opportunity to influence positive change.

Every gift matters! On UBC Giving Day this Thursday April 4, join SPPGA in educating future generations of global change makers.