SPPGA Professor Ramana Is Cited in the Recent World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2019

The energy sector is cited as the largest cause of global greenhouse gas emissions, and with the world temperature rising to unprecedented levels, it is more crucial now more than ever to address this “Climate Emergency” by opting for renewable options. The World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2019 (WNISR 2019) centres on the commercial power sector and builds on the findings from WNISR 2018, with the addition of a new focus on Climate Change and Nuclear Power. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Special Report Global Warming of 1.5°C informs the role of nuclear energy in meeting the 1.5°C temperature target and the WNISR reflects deeply on the capacity of the nuclear industry to meet the power demands in a cost-effective and timely manner, while providing excellent data-driven insights into the challenges faced by policymakers.

The WNISR 2019 is the collaborative work of SPPGA Professor Ramana and many other researchers and specialists, all of whom have contributed their expertise and insights to the extensive overview and analyses of the nuclear power plant data.

Read the full report here!