The Institute of Asian Research Fellows Program 2021/22 – Call for Applications

2021 IAR Fellows Program

The Institute of Asian Research (IAR), which is situated in the School of Public Policy and Global Affairs (SPPGA), is pleased to announce the IAR Fellows Program. This program brings together UBC graduate students with an interest in advancing research that addresses a broad range of issues — particularly those with relevance to policy or global affairs — and is based on engagement with and deep knowledge of Asia.

The IAR is home to five interdisciplinary, regionally-focused research Centres: the Centre for Chinese Research; the Centre for India and South Asia Research; the Centre for Japanese Research; the Centre for Korean Research; and the Centre for Southeast Asia Research. In addition, there are smaller programs that focus on other parts of Asia, including Central Asia and Inner-Asia. Each IAR Fellow will be affiliated with one of these Centres or programs. The IAR and its Centres are intended to operate as forums for collaborative work and joint exploration of issues relevant to Asia and its diaspora, rather than only as workspaces for completing individual projects in isolation.

IAR Fellows will benefit from a research stipend, dedicated desk space, supportive engagement both with other fellows and faculty members, and immersion in the intellectually stimulating IAR/SPPGA community. They will also have unique opportunities to showcase their research amongst both academics and relevant community stakeholders. The program welcomes applications from all disciplines across the social sciences, applied sciences, professional schools, and humanities.


Graduate students (MA and PhD) enrolled at UBC for the 2021/22 academic year are eligible to apply. Applications from students enrolled in the Master of Public Policy and Global Affairs program are especially encouraged. Advanced undergraduates will be considered in exceptional cases if they are actively conducting research as part of their degree program. UBC Postdoctoral Fellows interested in engaging with the IAR should contact us for separate opportunities.

IAR Fellows Benefits:

  • Desk space in one of the IAR regional centres (with usage subject to pandemic-related restrictions for 2021/22, as per UBC guidance)
  • $500 research stipend per Fellow
  • Possibility of applying for additional research funds to support collaborative projects between Fellows
  • Opportunities to receive mentorship from faculty associated with the IAR centres, as well as collaboration and mutual learning with other Fellows
  • Opportunities to collaborate in organizing scholarly and professional events
  • Extensive networking with scholars and professionals in the field, especially in the scope of IAR events
  • As the IAR is situated in the SPPGA, Fellows are invited to produce a short policy-oriented memo/paper based on their research. If the Fellow is successful in publishing that piece in a designated outlet (including, for example, The East Asia Forum, The Diplomat, iAffairs Canada), the Fellow is entitled to an additional $500 award.

Program Expectations:

Active engagement with the IAR and other IAR fellows. This includes the following:

  • Participating in and contributing to IAR brown bag series. This could include a presentation of ongoing research, a guided discussion on key regional developments, or inviting guest speakers
  • Participating in an end-of-year poster presentation, during which Fellows disseminate their research through a research poster displayed at the CK Choi building
  • Regular participation in IAR and Centre events
  • A brief one-page report due in May 2022 that outlines the Fellow’s activities during their term


  • Please complete the IAR Fellows Application below and return by email to Please Include “IAR Fellows application” under the subject line.
  • Deadline: September 15, 2021. Applications may be accepted later if slots remain available.