SPPGA Initiatives

Addressing today’s urgent, global challenges requires rigorous, interdisciplinary inquiry and a commitment to collaborative approaches to research, teaching and community engagement on policy and global issues.

SPPGA’s programs and initiatives seek to generate new knowledge, raise awareness of pressing issues, create space for dialogue among academics, government, industry, and community members, and facilitate experiential, problem-focused learning for our students.

We play a convening role in interdisciplinary learning and engagement as we know the importance that community-university engagement is to excellent teaching, learning and research, and to enhancing economic, social and cultural well-being.

Major SPPGA Initiatives

Initiatives and Programs within SPPGA Institutes and Centres

SPPGA supports numerous programs and initiatives among our three institutes, six centres, and a community engagement office that each serve as catalysts for research and engagement with policymakers and diverse communities in Canada and around the world.

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